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Nun With a Gun by rickiT

 nun with a gun

by rickiT

Police patrol cars with lights flashing filled the convent parking lot as detective Tyler Thomas arrived at the scene.

Thomas made his way under the police line tape, showed his badge to the patrolman at the door and entered the building. He was escorted down a hall and into one of the residence bedrooms.

Forensic investigators were marking evidence in the room.

On the bed was a nun, her head in a pool of blood. To one side of the room was a priest being interviewed. The priest was in tears and kept glancing over at the dead nun.

Thomas noticed a gun in the nun’s right hand, still pointed at her head.

The priest met Thomas’s eye with a grimace of grief.


Father Gangulphus sat in the confessional contemplating the last confession.

The adjacent door opened and someone entered.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned.” said a female voice.

Gangulphus opened the slider between the two chambers and could see that the confessor was a nun.

“It has been one week since my last confession,” she said.

“What is troubling you and coming between you and God,” said the priest.

“I met with a priest friend the other day. We became familiar and the meeting ended with us having sex. I was so ashamed that I told him it could never happen again. The next day he visited again. I locked the door and am afraid he won’t take no for an answer.”

The priest suggested that she trust in God and maintain a distance from her friend. Gangulphus blessed the nun and sent her on her way.

Sister Mary left the church unsatisfied and confused. How would she defend herself? What should she do?

In a moment of resolution she decided to buy a gun.

At a local gun shop Sister Mary asked the shop owner what kind of gun to buy. 

The shop owner suggested a SIG P365.

“This is a light weight 9mm hand gun which holds 10 rounds.”

“I’ve never shot a gun before,” said Sister Mary.

“We have an indoor shooting range in the back where you can try one of these out.”

The salesman lead her to the range.

Sister Mary picked up the gun with her left hand and with instruction and assistance of the salesman, pointed the SIG P365 at the target and squeezed the trigger.

“Oh my,” she said to the slight recoil, but managed to hold onto the gun.

The nun agreed to buy the gun and, while waiting for paperwork, returned to the shooting range several times for training.

Two weeks later Sister Mary returned to the church.

Father Gangulphus was again in the confessional.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession.”

“Bless you daughter,” said the priest.

“Father, I have managed to keep my friend away, but is it a sin that I miss him?”

“No child, you are human.”

“I have broken my vows.”

“Ask the Lord for forgiveness and take strength from His light,” said Gangulphus.

Not completely satisfied with the confession, Sister Mary left the church and returned to the convent.


Father Gangulphus was telling the interviewer how shocked he was that Sister Mary would commit suicide.

Tyler Thomas looked around the room.

On the desk was a notepad with a pen resting on the left side of the pad. The script was slanted slightly to the left.

Thomas observed that Father Gangulphus kept glancing from sister Mary laying on the bed to him, the detective. Gangulphus was shuffling his feet and clasped his hands behind his back.

Detective Thomas walked over to Father Gangulphus and extended his hand in a shake. Gangulphus automatically took his hand.

Thomas noticed powder burns on the priest’s hand.

Tyler Thomas turned the hand shake into a twist behind Gangulphus’ back. He quickly snapped handcuffs on the priest.

“Father Gangulphus, you are under arrest for the murder of Sister Mary.”

The priest was so shocked that he blurted out, “How did you know?”

“I wasn’t completely sure until just now,” said Thomas, “but there were clues.”

“Sister Mary was left handed, yet the gun is in her right hand.”

“There are powder burns on your hand, and I expect that you were unable to wipe all your fingerprints from the gun.”

“I only wanted to console Sister Mary,” said Gangulphus.

“When I entered the room and sat beside her on the bed I put a hand on her shoulder.”

“Mary began to cry. She reached under the pillow and pulled out the gun. I tried to wrestle it away from her, but the gun went off. It was an accident. I didn’t know what to do. I actually care about Sister Mary. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it,” he sobbed. 

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